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The DART project will be just like all the other projects and will be finished late. Seems to be a Luton thing that for the first year not much happens and only late in the day do the builds get an influx of manpower.

I took a wonder around the terminal departure lounge and arrivals last week. Still a huge amount of outstanding work particularly in arrivals. Seem’s to be running at least 18 months late on what was meant to be a 3 year build. I would doubt it will be finished this year.

The airport hasn’t been able to let all of its new retail units out. Also the high end shops all have one thing in common and that is they lack passengers, in fact they were all empty for the time I spent watching.

Food outlets seem to do quite well if in the right location. A new one has opened which has access to an outside area but it is located on the route to pier A and was completely empty while just metres away other food outlets were really busy.
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