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[QUOTE=chuks;10262061]WC, it's not just Dr. Ford's account, which is somewhat fuzzy on time and place. There is also Ms. Ramirez' account of that incident at Yale, which is of a different sort.

This last-minute agreement to what really should have been done first, an FBI investigation, came as a surprise to everyone, Personally, I assume that it should turn up evidence supporting the claims made by both Ford and Ramirez (only Ford was heard by those senators) about how Kavanaugh behaved during his time at Georgetown Prep and at Yale.

In fact, the second incident might be more damaging to Kavanaugh for several reasons:

1. He was an adult during his time at Yale, over 18 years of age.

2. The time and place is more precise.

3- There were supposedly first- and secondhand witnesses to the incident when it occurred and right afterwards, plus it fits well with some of what we have been told, including by Kavanaugh himself, about his time at Yale.

All in all, even if he skates on both accusations (both are probably past the statute of limitations so that there should be no risk of a prosecution), I think there might be such an accumulation of sordid detail that this guy won't even be acceptable to Republicans who manage to stomach Trump. Senator Flake already had one "Come to Jesus!" moment over this, when all it will take is two Republicans voting against Kavanaugh to sink his chances, assuming he gets no Democratic votes.

On the other hand, Republicans have been surprisingly willing to go along with whatever disgusting stuff Trump asks them to, so that we might end up with this clearly defective man on the Supreme Court. He was set for being rammed through committee until late in the process, when a 51-49 vote for his confirmation was then very, very likely despite other, numerous reasons for his being unsuitable that were already common knowledge.

It will be surprising if Kavanaugh makes it onto the Supreme Court, but if he does then that will pretty much be that: another defeat for democracy. (Clarence Thomas got away clean despite allegations of sex abuse, and he sits on the Court until this day.)

i watched these hearings and testimony.
He was 17 and she was 15.
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