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I believe we are all more intuitive than we are aware. After all, for many thousands of years, human beings had to rely on instincts alone. Modern life doesnít really require them, but weíve still not quite lost the ability. Havenít you had that feeling that something isnít right about a person or situation but you canít quote put your finger on it? I know for sure Iíve met people and for no reason Iíve taken a dislike, then after a bit, Iíve thought I was mistaken in prejudging them, only to have them behave in such a way later on that made me think my gut feelings were right.

However, I distrust mediums totally. Most people are drawn to them because of a bereavement or an emotional crisis so they are already mentally vulnerable. The law of statistics means that these mediums will get something right occasionally but because of my cynicism, a work colleague persuaded me to attend a spiritualist church. Never seen such conning and deception going on. Average age of the congration was 70+ so by saying Iíve got a message from an Albert, Hilda, Doris, George etc it will strike a chord with someone. The only positive thing I guess it did do was give some of the old people comfort that Albert, Hilda, Doris or George were happy where they are and they forgive the living for whatever happened!

i was particularly close to my late father and I know, if there was anyway he could contact me from wherever he went, he would speak to me, not through some third party.
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