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My car doesn't carry a spare wheel at all! Reason being that it has a limited slip diff and there is a size difference between the front and rear wheels (so you would need two spares to avoid diff damage). It was originally fitted with "run-flat" tyres, which are great for handling and grip, but not so good for comfort (there's a lot of bump-thump).

I got a hole in a rear tyre and drove it to a major tyre dealer, only to be told that it could be up ten working days to get a replacement because there were none in UK! I fitted a pair of normal tyres instead, which still had to be ordered in but only took three days(!). I now carry a latex injection/inflation pump and an old fashioned tyre repair kit, just in case I get another flat and can't get recovery (of which I'm fully aware, might be help, but might not).
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