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@ Currywong: Without the Cable you cant move the trim.

I had on 3 occasions unintended Rudderboost activation. It happens from time to time. 2x in the B200 and 1x time in a B300 wich has a different System.

You Register that your Pedals are slowly moving under your foot. Rudderboost Offf ( Switch on central Pedestral) and call in for a Maintenance Slot!

@ Groggy: Agree with you. The loose friction for Guarantee has lead to several Accidents and most Probable to a lot more than we know of.

It happened to me 2 or 3 times even when iam a fanatic Check Friction Guy ( It happened first time to me, during T/O flying AN2 over a forest and for a few Seconds ( Flap Retraction) i didnt know what happened. That was an experience that stuck.) After reading the Accident Report of a UK B200 that crashed with Fatallitys, i made the set Friction part of my Checklist. But even then sometime it catches you, especially after i was retrained to let the Throttles go at V1.
In my beginning i was trained HOTAS ( Not Military).
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