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Originally Posted by sitigeltfel View Post
My SL has a feature called SBC Hold. When you stop at lights, an extra firm push then release on the brake pedal keeps the brakes on. When the lights change just touch the accelerator pedal and off you go.
It's a bit anti social at night though because the brake lights stay on to annoy those behind you.
Iíve a B Class and I agree about the Hold and also about inadvertently pi$$ing off people behind you in the dark -youíd have thought the Auto-boffins could have sorted that out. I also like the fact that when you open the door the handbrake comes on, although Iíve not tried it at speed.
What I donít understand is what/any advantage there is in having a keyless push start ignition. Iíve never locked myself out of the car ever in 55 years or so and I canít see any other benefit.
Anyone know better ?
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