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Just passed 100k in our Lexus 350 RX running on LPG. Only faults in that mileage two light bulbs! Indeed the 4x4 centre that services the car says that if everyone bought Toyotas and Hondas he would be out of business - no money in just servicing. He just loves the Landrover/Range Rover products - they keep him in Caribbean holidays!

As to Morgans - if you enjoy the sensation of driving along two ladders, go for it! I have a 1966 Lotue Elan S3 SE and have now done over 180k in it over 32 years- not entirely without problems - but if you thrash a 52 year old car over the Alps/Dolomite/Pyrenees you have to expect the odd part to fail - but the grins per mile are amazing....................
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