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Wow this brings back memories. Bob Amann was a good bloke if I recall. I was lined up to fly for them in the Coastwatch gig but it all folded. It was an ambitious plan but the ducks didn't line up. I was just reminded by someone... that I flew one or more of their crew up to Sydney for their return flight home. I think that may have been in a P210 VH-SMA around 7 Sep 1987.

If it was SMA it had just undergone repairs after the owner did a wheels up at Tullamarine. I was tasked with sitting at the controls as it was later towed along the road to Essendon by Brian White from Hawker Pacific for repairs. Probably makes me the only person to have ever driven (if you could call it that) an aircraft between YMML and YMEN along the road! I'd just completed a test flight after the repair when one or more of the guys needed a lift to Sydney and from memory I had to deliver the aircraft to Syd so gave at least one of them a ride. Really nice guys.

(In 1995 VH-SMA lost an engine in IMC near Canberra on a training flight. Instructor, student and one pax were seriously injured but survived. They only got visual at an estimated 300' and were luck to have survived as the aircraft was ripped to pieces by trees.)
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