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Originally Posted by Navpi View Post

So you are honestly saying because of so called " human factors" it's acceptable to drive 100 yards with a man on a bonnet simply because the driver got annoyed about some charges ?

Well sorry, it isnt. I would describe anybody who supports such action as mentally ill.

We are going to hell in a hand cart.

And it is bollocksology!
Well its good to see that you have come to the subject with an open mind.
There is nothing 'so called' about human factors. It is a well known science which airlines and other industries spend a fortune on to try and mitigate the effects. Look at any major accident, whether it be aviation, shipping or construction.

I did not say it is or was acceptable to drive a hundred yards with someone on your bonnet. Please do not put words in my mouth.

Where you go and the mode of transport you choose is your affair, I however, will be off to enjoy a bright future, preferably in something black, shiney and comfortable.
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