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Confusion about License conversion

Hi Guys,
I hold an ICAO PPL issued by the CAA of Sri Lanka with a total of about 58hrs.I live in Florence,Italy.I wish to complete the rest of my training in Europe.I also have the Long term residence permit in Italy.
I was told from several flight schools that in order to convert to an EASA license ,a minimum of 100hrs would be needed.
But one flight school in Hungary offered me just the conversion with a couple of dual flights and exams+the other costs of the authority.
In order to hour build in Europe can't I just get an validation and fly.My license expires on March 2019.So I will have to convert before that date. And can you guys recommend a place for the conversion.
Another flight school in Croatia told me that they can enroll me as a PPL student and do some dual flights and then sign off me for solo flights for hour building.At the end of the hour building I can do a EASA flight test and convert my license and have the 100hrs as PIC also built.Two birds from one stone.Is this legal?

What are the other options that I can go for?

Any advise would be highly appreciated

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