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Hi everyone, I just came from Xiamen, from my assesment. For those wondering how that is:

I did it throug "Grand wings" Ken Chen (chinese) is a great guy, he took care of every thing and was as helpfull as he could. I arrived Xiamen's hotel, nobody spoke english either in the hotel nor in the city, Got my assesment day, no previous interview. Same morning they told my I would go for the assesment at 5PM. Reached the building (5minutes walkong distance) and waited a few minutes for Chief pilot to come. Introduced himself and two firs oficer that would help in the sim. Gave as the profile of the exercises to be flown and 5 minutes to take a look a the area charts (sids, stars, apps, etc.)
Maneuvers: Windshear on take off, steep turns, non ILS app with a map faillure, (VOR DME Rwy 05), go arround on the mins, engine fail on G/A, IlS APP, A visual app circuit, and RTO. All in 30Kts cross wind, raw data and handfly (No A/P nor A/T.)
Considerations: Your first officer doesnt speak english and may screw things a little (not on purpose of course) so you have also to keep a eye on what he is doing. And since he doesnt speak english if he or you screw it up, its really difficult to strait thinks up again.
If you stay strictly technical, things are OK. I mean, Gear up order, is gear up. But dont try to explain anything because they dont understand english. And the operation is in meters, so you better check the convertion table.
In my group, out of 9 only 1 passed. (not me).
Place is nice although english is not used anywhere.
Hope this info is usefull to someone, Good Luck!!!
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