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Originally Posted by double_barrel View Post
But having made that error, how can they have got it into the air? Presumably the take off run was calculated for 3 times the distance that was actually available. I am sure I have read on here that you chaps don't thrash the thing unnecessarily but derate appropriately. So they realized early on, did some rapid mental arithmetic and decided to floor it ?!
De-rating assumes they get to V1 with enough runway left to abort the takeoff and stop so they're not going to need all of it to get airborne (as it wasn't an A340). If their numbers had suggested that 10000ft was required for a V1 abort then they probably wouldn't have done an intersection departure in the first place.

Had they lost an engine then it would have gotten rather messy. It's possible that the approach of the end of the runway encouraged forward movement of the throttles to make sure.
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