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Ha ha Dave you are right, I do speculation of course but preferably in private. Seriously though I do not know what to make of the present situation either. Stobart indicated right from the purchase announcement that one intended use of those E195s was ACMI work. Now they are advertising for pilots for a Dublin-based operation (ACMI apparently) of E190s while at SEN they have enough crews to run three E195s. Developing SEN traffic has certainly been a priority but at the end of the day ACMI work will surely generate a more certain revenue stream than starting up more new routes at SEN. And it can hardly have helped that this years operational difficulties are likely to have generated costs far beyond budget.

Several posters have opined that its now "job done" at SEN with the arrival of Ryanair. I am not so sure. The Stobart routes appear to have performed very well in terms of passenger numbers but thats not necessarily a statement of satisfactory revenues. To pull the operation now before it has reached its true potential and without a replacement operator for the uncovered routes could be seen by the market as an admission of failure which could deter some.possible future operators. There are surely other "development" routes they could try in the interests of broadening the base and the diversity of the route network. Some have been rumoured. If the attitude is "well we have got Ryanair now so its all going to be OK" then I can only say best of luck with that.

So there are two conflicting scenarios. What I think is there must be negotiations ongoing with various parties that have not yet reached a conclusion. But of course the existence of negotiations is no guarantee of a satisfactory outcome.
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