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Originally Posted by Jeju View Post
Doing your research on a PPRuNe forum has no relation to managing problems in the cockpit... if you had to comb through 370+ pages why not just simply ask someone for the answer? saves yourself time and im sure many here are happy to help.
Also i believe latest pilot jobs is the closest thing out there to the actual CUT-E test. If you've got a better program by all means, please share it here.
So being resourceful doesn't help when it comes to being a pilot? Yikes. You don't even have to go through the entire thread, just going back 20 pages or so will yield most of the answers as it's asked over and over again. If you think doing your own research is a waste of time then I would question one's commitment to actually being a pilot.

That site is the closest thing to the CUT-e but it doesn't make my statement untrue; it's unpolished. It's your money though.
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