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betpump - Can I ask you a question. Say for someone who grew up in a poor side of Hong Kong, never been to any fancy restaurants in Central because didnít have the money to pay the bills, living in a public housing all his/her life, parents are relying on the government to get by, you tell me, where should they go? I agree with you. COS18 is pathetic. But, when you donít have any another options, the only thing you could do is to suck it up and live through it. Thatís Hong Kong.
Someone who grew up in a poor side of Hong Kong is still very rich, that is just an excuse. Never been to fancy restaurants? If you want to be a pilot to go to fancy restaurants, you picked the wrong career (see Culinary Chefs). Didn't have money to pay what bills? You said you live in a public housing estate all his/her life where rent is at most 1k a month? Don't have any other options? Ill do some very basic Maths for you.

Parent's relying on the government, public estate, no bills as no money to pay. That puts away your worry about rent etc. Average wages in Hong Kong are 16k/month. Work and save up enough to get your own flight training. You will be sitting in a SO seat for 6-7 years doing nothing anyways, and those P2 hours count as 0 elsewhere, yep NIL. A CPL should cost you about 400k-500k depends where you do it. Divide that by the 7 years of doing nothing as SO, and if you give that time into any other field your salary will go up heaps.. trust me I have been in worse shoes and always thought Hong Kong had no other options but I was so wrong. 8 years of saving and investing money you should have enough money for your flying training. If you think CX will train you for "free" you are wrong, you will have to accept a bond. How is that different from taking out a big loan?

Pay for your own training and build the hours, get a respectable flying job elsewhere or heck even start your own little gig or just do it as a hobby. It will be way more fun and you won't just be sitting doing nothing in a shiny jet eating at "fancy restaurants". Try getting X Plane or Microsoft Flight Sim and put it into autopilot, just sit and observe for 8 hours daily then turn off or close the program right before landing take-off. That will be your life as a "Pilot in CX without any other options".

If you are in it for just the pay or money you can earn way more putting those 7-8 years of your life elsewhere or in any other occupation cause at CX your title is a Pilot as SO but you nothing even remotely close to flying, except for the initial training. Oh and if you leave before your bond is over, have a hefty cheque ready not just for the company but also for the lawyers you will be needing to pay.

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