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Originally Posted by shamrock7seal View Post
Flybe at SOU.

My personal opinion is that when they used BOH to scare SOU into giving them a deal it is now coming back to haunt them.

easyJet was the first clue. SOU mustve been preparing that one as a contingency if Flybe really did pull out of SOU or transfer some services to BOH.

Now SOU seems to have gone all out to try and get the attention of the LCC's with a runway extension planned along with stands for multiple A320/738 sized jets.

If I was Flybe right now I'd be looking to lock down BIG expansion at SOU to prevent this from happening or they will most likely see increased competition from what is quite a niche market.
Assuming a LCC wants to expand at SOU in the first place. Also where would Flybe get the aircraft from?
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