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Hi CA, I absolutely understand your points, however the schools are churning out low hours freshly qualified candidates at a rate that exceeds demand by some margin so I do not accept that there is a shortage of low hours candidates looking for work, there may well be a shortage of type rated candidates with over a thousand hours experience but that's another matter.

I agree that if a candidate is fortunate enough to be invited to an assessment day/ interview then their performance on the day will dictate whether or not they get hired. Unfortunately completing an application form does not guarantee progress to assessment/ interview, many operators want to know details of any medical limitations as part of the application form and may well filter out those with limitations in favour of those with no limitations before the assessment/ interview stage.

My concern is that Spencer might commit to an expensive integrated course without fully considering all the possible implications of the medical limitation.

Of course if Spencer goes ahead with training they will not complete until 18 months to 2 years from now, will the recruitment situation be worse then? How will Brexit affect recruitment? Of course that situation will be the same for all people qualifying at that time.
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