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Originally Posted by Field Required View Post
Spencer, I'm presuming your OML states you can only use class 1 privileges in a multicrew environment? I.e as or with a qualified copilot? I reached out and was informed that this wouldn't be an issue going into the airlines. In fact it's not uncommon for people to be given OMLs further down the line once already established in their respective careers. You can't have two OMLs on the flight deck together, that's about it.
I'm hour building and sitting the ATPLs currently.
Yes that is what it states, which is why I was not particularly worried about the OML initially, because as far as I was concerned I would always be with a qualified copilot. But from a number of forum posts that I've read it seems to make it difficult to find a job after training or at any time in a career. This is great to hear and I'm hoping to hear more to quash my worries. Who did you reach out to? Any airlines?
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