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There are lies, damn lies and statistics

20-odd percent short of pilots - yes across all ranks. But then again we are in surplus of WSOs. So when you look at the WSOs covering the pilot staff jobs then it isn’t quite so bleak. However the WSOs are getting older so the training system needs to step up to the plate to train the shortfall to replace the ageing WSOs that have come from Tornado, C130, VC10 and probably E3D if the press is to be believed.

There is no issue in recruiting new pilots - training the young darlings in the UK Mighty Fxxked-up Training System is another matter altogether. Exit rates are about the same as it ever has been, it’s just that the training rate for a system designed for SDSR 2010 is only just keeping up with that exit rate.

So the elephant in the room is MFTS and until that fires on all cylinders and some, then things will continue to stagnate.

Finally, we really need to get out of the mindset that everyone will stay until 60. They never stayed to 55, so why would they do better for another 5 years? If we keep 10% to age 60 we are doing really well.

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