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Originally Posted by Cazza_fly View Post
I was lead to believe the weight difference is closer to 4 - 5 tonne?

Flybe have recently evaluated their current and future fleet needs. For the next 3-5 years at least, the Q400s will remain the backbone of the fleet alongside the E175s. The ATR will of course have been part of the recent evaluation. However, for now, the Q400's "close to jet like speed", the efficiency within that field and its slightly higher seating capacity best suits the operation and avoids unnecessary costs right now that a new type would bring.

For much of the route network i do actually see the Q400 as the best frame for Flybe, especially when needing to be flexible with fitting in with the E-Jet schedules from time to time as well as operating on some longer sector routes. With a potential to be able to further increase the seating capacity on the Q400 aircraft, they could further improve their efficiency in this way alone and improve available seats on the network without too much significant cost.

That's not to say i dislike the ATR of course. But right now i fully understand the reasoning behind Flybes future fleet strategy evaluations and see it as the best fit for their ops for the foreseeable.
In the long run if they do replace the Q400 would they actually be better off to replace them with the E175 rather than the ATR?
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