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Jack: I think he was retelling a personal account, rather than an account from HMS Alliance. My oppo's account was that they had been tailing the Russian sub, recording engine and prop sounds. The way they did that meant sitting directly astern of the Russian boat in the Sonar blind spot and matching their own revolutions to those of the Russian. This was going very well and when the Russian boat stopped, Warspite also stopped directly astern. When the Russian boat started to move again, Warspite again matched propellor revolutions. What they didn't know was the Russian boat had gone astern and Warspite was going ahead. There was an almighty smash and Warspite initially headed for the bottom, out of control (plus my mate's efforts on the forward planes!) They immediately surfaced with the Russian boat parked on their deck. The Russian boat slid off and was lost. The ships of the nearby surface fleet spotted this and "it all went wrong"!
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