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July 2018 STATS

Originally Posted by USERNAME_ View Post
I can vouch for the EWR flights, when the services first started they were incredibly busy but seemed to die down a little. On the contrary however, Boston and Toronto depart with full loads regularly, as does IAD.
Source CAA for passengers, FR24 for rotations: -
Newark... 9659 - 172 per flight... 87% load factor - not sure how accurate due cancellations and divs
Toronto... 4465 - 172 per flight... 87%
Boston... 5516 - 153 per flight... 77%

Obviously we with the operational mess surround Newark I can't vouch how accurate these figures are as often FR24 states "unknown"

Boston was 36 rotations and Toronto 26 and these numbers sound reasonable.

The other factor is that some BHX pax would be on these especially Toronto but I have no idea of the percentage though.

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