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Originally Posted by Nurse2Pilot View Post
Excellent post PID but I think you are missing the point of his questions. It is a search for information, wanting a look into the current and possible future as a pilot in this specific airline. Anyone who thinks any answer should cover every possibility (not happy with base, change in economic climate, etc.) is misguided. I think anyone who asks a lot of questions prior to embarking upon a very important and expensive journey should be applauded; decisions like these should be entered knowing as much information as possible, don't you agree?

Everything is risky and I suspect aviation would be even more so than other possible jobs, but it is best to enter knowing the risks than be blindsided by not looking before you jump. Peace!
I agree. I certainly done my homework before embarking on this journey. But I also found myself asking more and more questions. Spending more time being concerned while witnessing my friends applying and now happily flying. I believe there is a balance. I'm not eliminating the need to ask questions and learn about the airline you are about to apply. I am, however, enforcing the fact that some questions are purely subjective to the individual experience and that you will see yourself asking more and creating doubt/uncertainty.

Perhaps in 2 years time we can come back to this forum and speak to who took initiatives and now have airline jobs, and to who are still searching for answers.

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