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Hi all, it has been a while. Great to see so many of you getting the call up for ASP and OSBs. While my experience with the old FSP may be a bit out of date, I do wish to share a few timeless pieces of advice:
  1. Make sure to browse the full forum and get an understanding of what others have asked. There is a load of great advice in this thread.
  2. Do not buy into the sentiment that there is a "too late" to get onto an ASP/OSB. When I completed flight screening in Nov/Dec, there was an ADFA screening course going through, meaning you can sit an OSB as late as Nov/Dec depending on how the quota looks. One of my coursemates got an offer and had his appointment day within two weeks. The ADF will continually be looking to fill last minute vacancies, both internally and externally.
  3. First impressions are everything. Being well dressed is a key skill in being a junior officer. I attended all interactions with DFR in a full suit and tie, including travel to and from my FSP and OSB. While you may see this as overkill, this is a simple thing that will instantly set you above the crowd. At the very least you should wear business casual.
  4. Following from the above: Case managers have a difficult job managing large portfolios of candidates and information flows. The trick with them is to be persistent and follow up a phone call with an email. This is great professional practice which will help you become effective junior officers. Keep in mind that these forums can be monitored, and as with any social media, don't say anything that will harm your application.
As always, feel free to reply with any information or PM with any specific personal questions.

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