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Originally Posted by Skipness One Foxtrot View Post
BAA and later MAG have utterly destroyed the Stansted experience. The concept of kerb to plane for which the terminal was built has now reached a nadir of the worst procession through the most shops of any UK airport. To be clear, no airport I have been in takes you through such a tortuous route before you sight an aircraft.
Thereís just no room! The restaurants were queued out blocking people trying to run for flights.

The rest of the airport is fine, Sat 1 and 2 have decent seating and views but with no return to terminal option without a help phone, most people are trapped in the terminal. At least at LHR, frequent fliers can get out to the satellites in good time and back if required. Such a shame as STN started out with amazing potential but itís a zoo at the moment.
Totally agree with your comments. Having used STN for some 25 years, I cry when I think about the excellent airport it was then, compared to what it has become. I haven't used the airport for 3 years - I refuse to have to sit on the floor (which was the situation when I last flew from there) because all the passenger space has been given over to retail units. And every time I read a post like #1105, showing yet more pax being shunted through a terminal that is not fit for purpose, my resolve to continue to avoid the place is strengthened.
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