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After about two months of using the ProFlight i tried my A20, just for a change of pace. Yes, it is still comfortable enough (and i do wear glasses), it dampens noise overall better than the ProFlight, however, it takes up more space in my flightkit, not a lot, but enough to make it somewhat cumbersome to carry around. Most colleagues that still use the A20 carry it as another piece of kit, but not in their case which is even worse in my view.

Luckily, i had not had to change my cable routing (on the A320), it is exactly the same for the ProFlight now than i used on the A20. That said, as everyone noted, one has to get used to the in-ear reality, and i find that i sometimes have to get out one bud in cruise as my ear itches. I am very interested to hear about people that managed to get an individual in-ear piece on it, that is what i am planning for the future, if i find someone who can make that. But yes, getting the right fit or size is crucial and takes some time. And yes, it might change over time and sometimes between days. I still don't like that the tap-to-talk feature activates on the runway, both during take-off and landing, on its own. The light weight and the fact that it simply rests very lightly on top of your head and can be moved around a bit without changing the fit of the earbuds is a great plus. And of course it makes it much easier to take off or change glasses.

I wished they could manage to work the ANR out of the mic-power like the Telex 850 does, as the battery box is quite heavy compared to the headset, but it is not really an issue for me. I usually use the ANR in high on take off, climb, descend and landing, and on medium in cruise climb and cruise. Over time i noticed that the high hissing noise once seems to hear going away when switching to medium, is still there, but simply masked a bit by the less effective ANR. A nice feature is, that the tap to talk feature is not only removing the ANR, it is actually slightly putting up the outside noise while still protecting high noise level events. Kinda like my range-headset that protects me from the noise of shots while still making it possible to talk nearly normally. And it behaves similarly to loud noises like my colleague slamming his table shut or someone slamming the door.
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