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Iíve just finished my first block using the Pro Flight that has replaced my A20.

My thoughts, smaller case, itís so much easier to carry around unlike the A20. Itís so light I forget Iím wearing it sometimes, it does take some getting used to in putting the ear plugs in as there is a technique. For a few days sometimes they would fit and other times not so well and I would have a bit of ache, however practice makes perfect and by day 5 I had the technique right and have no issues.

The ANR isnít as good as the A20, but they donít have to be as theyíre not designed for GA, I use medium as I found that better than high, high seemed to introduce a high level hiss noise, that maybe due to it being set to high for the aircraft noise itself (A320). The Bluetooth works better than the A20. When making a call using the company phone with the A20 plugged in, there would be a whine type of noise that was distracting to both myself and the person on the other end of the phone, I would have to unplug it to stop interference, the Pro Flight doesnít suffer from this problem.

Overall the first day or or two I wasnít sure if I was going to stick with it as it was a little fiddly to get right, however more time spent with it and adjusting I now know how to set it up quickly every time and wonít be going back. It makes for a much easier day, the tap through works, maybe not as well as I hoped but that maybe just my ears need to retune how I hear everything with a new headset, as the week progressed it got better.

Itís a great headset, the A20 is more of a plug in and forget, the Pro Flight might need just a few days for you to get it the way it works best for you. It wonít be to everyoneís liking, try the 30 days to find out.
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