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Originally Posted by ATNotts View Post
NO, I like you can't get into the minds of all those who voted leave, no more than we can those who voted remain. However, most people aren't idealists, probably very much liked the idea of taking back control, British jobs for British workers, more money kept in UK (for the NHS?) but did they realise what the potential consequences might have been - nobody talked about a no deal Brexiet and the trade (and therefore employment) consequences of such an outcome. It was going the be the easiest negotiation in history after all.

The only true idealists are those for whom their idealism won't seriously effect their prosperity or way of life; idealism fades away when you're hit in your wallett. That was one of the root causes of the fall of communism.
At today's SOTEU address, Mr Juncker spoke about nearly everything the the EU has achieved. He spoke about the future. His message was clear, more EU integration, tax, defence EU sovereignty etc. He, IMHO, made it sound like nationalism was bad for countries, but good when it was the EU.

What he failed to address was the increasing voices of those who didn't want the direction the EU was heading. He was totally ignoring what is happening and what is concerning a small percentage(at the moment) of the EU.

Surely burying your head in the sand and hoping those people will go away is not the way to rule?
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