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Originally Posted by ATNotts View Post

TM getting through a pragmatic deal is the least worst option for the UK at the moment. Even she may not succeed, but the likes of JR-M or BoJo certainly won't. Best option is in all honesty a new (not a second) referendum on the terms of the final settlement (or non settlement) whatever is or isn't agreed, with a "remain" option on the ballot paper. There is now a groundswell across all parties for such a referendum; only those who fear losing are against such a referendum.
If there were to be a 'Remain' option on your 'new' referendum that would 'de facto' be a second referendum on Brexit.

If the UK were now to decide to remain within the EU then we will continue to be subsumed and eventually locked into a United States of Europe meanwhile getting our botties thoroughly spanked with a wet lettuce leaf for being naughty.
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