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Originally Posted by Krystal n chips View Post
You get the impression Treeza's Christmas card list isn't exactly extensive and diminishing by the day it seems....which will save her a few quid when she's told to pop the keys through the letter box on the way out as the current residence is being repossessed due to her becoming redundant.

Which leads to the much adored J R-M who is a bit more subtle than Boris, not that this would be difficult, currently doing a credible blended impression of "The Godfather " and "Winston Wolf " with his proposed solution.......

If you are looking gleefully at the potential, if at present unlikely, fall of TM for any other motive than getting a Labour government then you should be careful what you wish for. If TM falls, and one of the extremists takes on the mantle of PM, without a new election then the likely outcome would be a very hard Brexit which would be no good for the UK (by just about everybody's opinion - aside the extremists, Patrick Winford and a few others) and certainly wouldn't satisfy the mass of the union movement, or a large, if not majority of the population at large.

However I might suggest that to win a decent majority in parliament, Labour need to junk Corbyn and his cronies since how ever pee'd off that rump of the population might be with a hard / no deal Brexit, many simply won't vote for him, especially the older demographic which a) normally votes; and b) can recall the economic disaster that were similar Labour policies back in the 60s and 70s.

TM getting through a pragmatic deal is the least worst option for the UK at the moment. Even she may not succeed, but the likes of JR-M or BoJo certainly won't. Best option is in all honesty a new (not a second) referendum on the terms of the final settlement (or non settlement) whatever is or isn't agreed, with a "remain" option on the ballot paper. There is now a groundswell across all parties for such a referendum; only those who fear losing are against such a referendum.
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