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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
If Brexit saves us 350 million a week, we'll give that to the NHS. That seems a reasonable ambition.

If Brexit costs us money, are we going to take it from the NHS? Where else will it come from?

Good question.....

I've said on here before, but I believe that ALL countires, not just the UK, just tax the Googles, Amazons, Starbucks of the world a Revenue Tax....

1% of the Revenue in each country, not profit in each country, would help enormously.

As far as the UK goes, if there is a ' No deal Brexit ', does / would that mean that the Double Taxation agreements with other EU countries fall as well ? In the same way that the other thread about EASA would come into play ??

Just asking because I've no idea. But the Tax Havens of Netherlands and Luxemburg and, yes, Ireland, would all take an enormous hit if so.
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