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Originally Posted by REMAX11 View Post
there seems to be continue missinformation on this topic even from people inside:

1-The new contract has not been finalised yet. Vida (pilot union) has informed that is very likely that they will reach an agreement by the end of September. That means as of now: new captains are still paid 60000 euros gross plus experience. If the deal finalize the basic pay will be 78000 euros, it seems there will not provision for previous experience anymore.

2- as stated by many before, new captains did not reached 204 sectors in the whole years, some exceptions are present in Wien. Different stories for trainers.

3-Munich base is available only to ex Air Berlin, nobody else. Even people already inside Eurowings Europe (the austrian company) cannot get it.

4-some changes are happening on the Eurowings Germany side for FO. Still no progression on the German Requirement though.

5- Munich base will be transfer to Eurowings Germany.

6- Any german base will be under the Aoc of Eurowings Germany (still german knowledge applies)

7- Eurowings Europe (extremely different company from Eurowings Germany) when it comes to respecting laws and contract is worst then ryanair: they did not pay for holidays and sickess as of today, they might start with september paychecks.

ad 1.) where do you have this information from? my (and every cpt‘s) paycheck tells me base pay was 78k+prev. experience in the last two years. there NEVER was a 60k base pay for a cpt.

ad 2.) if anyone has done less then 204legs/year, then he/she did less than 17 sectors/month, which means LESS than 9 days of work/month. sounds at least like a good work-life balance:-)

ad 3.) there are at least a few people not ex-AB based in MUC. i know at least one FO transfering from VIE to MUC base.

ad 5.) that‘s an unverified story

ad 7.) from 1.1.2018 vacation and sick days were paid.
they are not gonna start from sept on but either pay the missing amount out of 2016+2017.

I guess this is one of the major issues of PPRuNe. it is a ‚rumours‘ network. so my advice is to check the facts before applying to whatever company or get in touch with someone working there who you trust in.
anyway the only reason i‘m posting here is to share facts (i never said that i think they offer an appropriate pay for an airbus captain) for those interested.

I am not advocating that Eurowings Europe is a company to plan for a lifetime-career (are there any left btw?) but it‘s an option to get a quick-command and/or work in the city of your choice.
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