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Dear colleagues,

I wanna clear up with some myths regarding Eurowings Europe (EWE) here.
First the information im providing here will be outdated soon as a collective agreement will be signed this month providing substantial improvements especially for FOs.

CPT BASE pay is based on prev. experience as PIC and is between:
78k (0hrs) - 138k (8000hrs max.) gross/year
CPT sector pay: 100/sector after 204 sectors flown/year. myths that you will never reach this threshold are BS (this was true only in the first year of ops starting with 3 a/c and when most of the legs were needed for crew training).
also vac-days count as legs (~2.5/day) for sure. Me personally as a trainer, ive reached the threshold by May this year.

So making 3.5k net per month is only true for a new 0hrs cpt without doing ANY extra sectors the whole year which is impossible.
after clarifying all this, is it a superb job as cpt regarding pay? the answer is still NO.

For me the only reason working for a loco is being based where you (wanna) live (which for EWE is VIE, SZG, PMI, MUC, and 1more base to be determined 2019)

greets, MXer

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