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castleford tiger
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Attended the AGM this week and the key points are
We are slightly above the 25% capacity increase for the year so load factor up.
A slight move back to holidays v flights maybe 51/49
The company will do 3 m holidays this year. 12m are booked each year so plenty up for grabs.
No new bases discussed but we will be flying over 100 frames next summer.

We are looking at another big order to be placed in approx. 2 years .
We are looking at the MAX or even an airbus deal when we retire the 757 fleet but that's a few years away.
Anyone out there know how many more years we can keep them going.
More discussion about PM retiring and that was a firm NO
He and Steve like being on the 4 am airport tours.

The company has a very high return rate with its customers and rolling out things like resort check in keeps the punter happy.
Taking 85 planes with 165 seats doing 2 trips a day = 28,000 x7 =196 k a week
With holidays averaging 60k over the year ( it must be 90k a week in the summer) then I can see how close to capacity we are.

I remain of the opinion the shares are undervalued and much better than TCG who are loosing customers.
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