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Originally Posted by crewwannabe2 View Post
they didnt have earlier ground school options?
nope! 🤣 I got the call and flew out two days later. We did I think 3 weeks, got sent home over Christmas for I think 2 days, back again then sent home over NY as both times the accommodations had conflicting bookings. I guess it was cheaper to fly us back and forth twice than to keep us in Sydney. We stayed in serviced apartments in the city which was great. Didn't even have to share. Score! Not sure what it's like now though.

As for Short Haul it depends what the EBA says. When I was flying we could do any destination up to 10hr flight time so we could fly anything the 737, 767 And A330 flew up to that. It also depends on base. Perth got more internationals on average than Sydney because there were less crew and we had the SIN DPS CGK patterns
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