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Need some advice

Hello all,

First time posting on this forum, so thank you for your support in advance.

I hold an FAA CPL/ME (not current)- in a bad deal of cards I had to move to the UK (spanish citizen), under 30, and did not have any EASA licenses.

After years working on the commercial side of a major airline, I'm ready to follow my dream of becoming an airline pilot. Trying to stay in the UK as there is potential I could do work part time and maintain not only a link to my company but also some sort of employment.

Based on all I've read and studied looks like I have a couple of different options:

1) Try to convert FAA CPL/ME to EASA CPL - frozen ATPL. This as I understand would be roughly 7 months of ground school and flying? Admittedly I have not flown in a few years, so It would be beneficial to get some flying in.This also seems the quickest way into the right seat?

2) Do a modular program from scratch and re-gain all licenses under EASA?

3) Try to join a cadet program?

What are your thoughts and advice on all this?

Really appreciate all your support.
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