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“...Trouble is, we live in a world where its more important to be right and see the other 'side' lose, than to do what is right...”


Further, It is not difficult to be “right”, when one depends on data that is wrong. Most data available at the popular level these days is opinion masquerading as research, or reporting...”

To be “right” then, It is sufficient to merely repeat agreement with the “accepted” dogma...

One can be “correct” and be completely wrong.

To be right according to the old way is to be conversant with what is TRUE.

The American Public is binary. They live in “either or”. Since more important than truth is emotion, it is preferred to be “passionate”. Truth is nice, but one can only do or be one thing at a time. The person who is loudest is right.

Just sayin

“Truth is not related to volume...”

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