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Originally Posted by ethicalconundrum View Post
Uh - don't lump all of us veterans together. Trump(if that's whom you are referring to) disrespected McCain who is one veteran. On balance, I think you'll find the majority of vets are just fine with Trump. BTW, I was taught as a young man that respect is earned. When a person waffles on basically everything for 30 years, it does not engender respect. Particularly when one stabs their political party in the back, and uses their position of power to personally attempt to destroy a fellow party member, and leader of that political group. This is called being disrespectful, and McCain was the poster boy for back-stabbing, lying, underhanded chicanery. McCain makes Johnson look like an alter boy.
Was it when Trump avoided thedraft that he earned the respect of the veterans? Or when he hounded the president over his nationality apparently based on nothing more than his skin colour? Or when he boasted about assaulting women? Or when he paid off a porn star? Ahh I get it, you can turn a blind eye to all that because of his extraordinary prowess as a businessman. If we ignore all the bankruptcies and that he would have done better on what he inherited by putting it in a nice savings account.

I'm genuinely curious, I can see people turning to Trump as the lesser of two evils. But mentioning respect in the context of him earning it over John Mcain?

One can only imagine the howls if Obama had made the kind of comments about a war hero or the family of one lost in combat that Trump did. Safe to assume his patriotism would have been questioned and his race/religion given as proof of his lack thereof. It would have been very very ugly. Maybe consider your own position on that one
The mental distortions of the average Trump supporter are incredible. I'm give him one thing, he knew what he was doing running for that party. Pavlovs dog comes to mind.
Trouble is, we live in a world where its more important to be right and see the other 'side' lose, than to do what is right.
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