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A320 FMA ''G/S'' callout

Been looking around this answer in the manuals, but cannot seem to find something clear cut about the following. Unless I am missing something.

When you fly a ILS. How do you guys here prenounce the ''GS*'' and ''G/S'' modes? Do you say ''Glideslope'' or do you keep it short and say ''G/S''? Same goes for ''LOC'' and LOC*'' modes.

First I always said the full wording like ''glideslope'' or ''localiser''. Every now and then I catch myself doing it the short way around and just say ''G/S''. And captains aswell, off course it gets the message across but it made me wonder how often this happens to other people.
I know it's a silly topic but I guess a little bit of curiosity won't hurt too much...
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