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Here's Air Canada 781 landing at SFO on October 22, 2017 after the tower repeatedly called a go around:

Air Canada, Oct. 22, 2017

Air Canada flight 781 was cleared to land on Runway 28R about six miles from the airport, which the crew acknowledged, but then radio contact ended with the tower. The air traffic controller, worried another plane had not cleared that runway, ordered the Air Canada plane to abort its landing six times with no response from the flight crew. The tower went as far as shining a light into the cockpit of the approaching plane in an unsuccessful attempt to get the flight crew’s attention.

The other plane had cleared the runway by the time the Air Canada jet touched down and landed safely. The FAA concluded after speaking to the flight crew and probing other data that the “crew inadvertently switched from the SFO tower frequency to the SFO ground frequency after receiving their landing clearance.”

“The FAA deemed this event to be an isolated occurrence and not reflective of any systematic deficiencies at Air Canada,” according to a FAA spokesman.

Aimer said pilots often pre-set their radio channels, knowing that once they land they will switch to the ground frequency to get instructions on where to taxi, but this was too soon.

“The pilot should be wondering, ‘How come we don’t hear the tower any more? Why is there complete silence? Why are we hearing ground traffic?’ ” Aimer said. “I can’t understand how experienced pilots didn’t catch that. We’ve all done stupid things, but that’s why you have two people in the cockpit.”

The incident prompted the FAA’s Flight Standards Service executive director to meet with his Canadian equivalent, according to the FAA, which led to an immediate safety review of the air carrier’s entire operations, including increased pilot training and a closer look at the airline’s arrivals and departures at SFO.
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