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Here are some facts:
Eurowings Group has several airlines which conduct flight under EW-flightnumber. The 3 most prominent ones (amongst other) are Eurowings Germany, Eurowings Europe and Germanwings.

All of these 3 have a huge demand for first officers because of the pilot contract relation towards Lufthansa mainline (explanation later)!

The German language requirement has been lifted, proper English is now enough. You also do not need to be type rated anymore, type rating is paid with subsequent bonding, no hours requirement as well. Just check on the Eurowings website.

Overall Eurowings Group is well placed in its homebases, having a very strong market share and slot domination, giving it a good long term outlook. Many homebases on offer now for new joiners. What is also good is the backing of Lufthansa, Eurowings is one of the long term strategic pillers of Lufthansa Group, which itself is very strong financially.

Eurowings Germany and Germanwings are unionized and have collective bargaining agreements in place. This means as an individual pilot you are well protected. Training seems to be good from what I hear, SOP and flight ops standards coming from Lufthansa mainline.

I would surely giving it a go if I was looking for a foot into the European market, especially Germany. Germany is nice, people are friendly.

Now which of the three companies to pick?
Eurowings Europe offers VIE or PMI as homebase, pay seems rather low, company is small and under pressure from several new competitors in VIE.
Eurowings Germany and Germanwings have same contract structure now, which is apparently better than Eurowings Europe. So personally I would avoid Eurowings Europe.

Germanwings has one big advantage over Eurowings Germany for prospective applicants: most current Germanwings captains will go back to Lufthansa within the next 4 years, creating a lot of upgrade opportunities within Germanwings, while Eurowings Germany has a rather "stable" pilot demografic and less upgrade opportunities for new joiners.

Since demand is high, probably you could play a bit of poker and insist on joining Germanwings to eventually profit from a fast upgrade.
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