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Originally Posted by RatherBeFlying View Post

I remain amazed that anybody who openly disrespects veterans and at least one Gold Star family got into the WH.
Uh - don't lump all of us veterans together. Trump(if that's whom you are referring to) disrespected McCain who is one veteran. On balance, I think you'll find the majority of vets are just fine with Trump. BTW, I was taught as a young man that respect is earned. When a person waffles on basically everything for 30 years, it does not engender respect. Particularly when one stabs their political party in the back, and uses their position of power to personally attempt to destroy a fellow party member, and leader of that political group. This is called being disrespectful, and McCain was the poster boy for back-stabbing, lying, underhanded chicanery. McCain makes Johnson look like an alter boy.
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