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Did a short XC with the IP to break up the routine of flying in the pattern. Landed, went to the fuel pump, then the idea was to taxi to a tie down, get something to eat. OOPS. Battery dead. Glad the IP was aboard, it was Sunday and NOONE was at the airport. IP (Dave) propped the O320, he's heavier than I am, and it has good compression. RTB, put the bird in the hanger. I took the battery home, charged it and had a load test done. Not the battery. Did a maintenance turn, no charge, 3 to 4 amp discharge. Regulator is attempting to energise the alternator Field. OHKAY, check the alternator Field to Ground. 23 ohms, should not be any more then 3 ohms. Brushes. Ancient Cessna alternator, got a Plane Power alternator which just arrived. Over the weekend, install it, maintenance turn, button up the airplane. Go FLY.

Oh, this started because a non TSO'd 60 amp GEN CB failed, but didn't pop until after I removed the battery. Wouldn't reset. Did the first maintenance turn after replacing it.

Glad this happened close to home, not 500 miles away.

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