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OAS graduated their 2017 iATPL class (class of two (2) pilots) nearly 6 months past when they were supposed to graduate. This was due to their one (one and only) twin that was always broken (once for 3-4 months) and a sim that broke a bunch too. Things break, yes... but they have no backups. These 2 kids were held up entering the work force for a very long time, never mind the extra costs associated. Because of the iATPL program rules, pilots have to finish on the school’s twin, no one else’s, so they’ve got you....Also, if you go, don’t put money on account.

Choose a school with lots of airplanes planes and lots of instructors. English or French doesn’t matter as long as you ensure they offer ground and flight training in your language of choice. (They speak English in Montreal too, and when I walked into Air Richelieu to write an exam a few years ago, being only English didn’t matter.) Where you learn to fly really doesn’t matter on the resume. The iATPL really doesn’t matter. Just get the licenses so you can get that first job ASAP before the music stops.
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