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I have watched this thread with some interest as I approach 60 in the not too distant future, the age I expected to retire at and one that I based my financial planning on. I understand I am fortunate to be able to take my Company pension at this time, whilst continuing to work, in addition to a military one that has gone into savings since I was 38. Personally, I look on any further employment that I may decide to continue with as a bonus and a time to reduce my workload in a controlled manner. Already I have seen too many friends fail to meet this point due to ill health and/or death. The thought of going over 65 has no appeal to me.

However, some other points:

At a recent Strategic Forum held at BALPA HQ, this was discussed. Most representatives indicated that there was little appetite to increase the age and some, EZY for example, said they would be surprised if many would even make it that far with the present workload we all are now faced with. It was also indicated that recent rulings on this matter would make it difficult in the extreme to succeed.

As to benefiting all. This is the point that has spurred me into posting. My Company has some of the best insured benefits in the industry and a constant target for the management; one that we have successfully rebutted so far. The problem for them is the rising cost of the premiums. A few years ago a B scale was introduced for new joiners which also did away with many of the benefits of the previous contract. As part of the pay deal that year these benefits were given to all. Introducing a younger element to the group can actually reduce the premiums. Unfortunately, I can see that any increase of the working age will have major implications to the pilot workforce. One hopes never to get I'll, but at present we are well looked after. Remember, we all get this. Increasing the age for the benefit of a few could spell disaster to all, and probably in a stage of life that money for the family is vital.

Personally, not a chance. Help pay for it, not a chance. Work tirelessly to benefit those that come after me and to uphold the benefits that I have been so fortunate to have, absolutely.

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