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Clearly determined to make her mark on history, not once, but twice, ( the first being the imminent arrival of next March ) here's the UK's new global plans which will stir the hearts, albeit the minds are already set in concrete, of so many infatuated with the past.

And in only a mere 4 years !.......erm, possibly she's sort of quietly ignored similar grand plans, lets give one a snappy strap line ......say "The Northern Powerhouse " for example, which haven't quite come to fruition ...

More bad news is the fact a country called China, nondescript and merely on the fringes of global influence as any Mail reader would confirm, has being making inroads into Africa for some considerable time now, but, thankfully, British expertise will put these upstarts in their place pretty damned quickly !

It's tempting to suggest loading a couple of LD 3's or 4's with trinkets and beads to entice the local populations as to the UK's benevolence isn't actually going to work in the 21st century, but this may offend the delicate sensibilities of our more fervent patriots on here......so I won't.

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