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Originally Posted by Una Due Tfc View Post
The A359 is the first ULR capable widebody that can get out of Dublin when wet, and that’s a crucial bit;wet. EK regularly have to offload up to 20T of cargo when the runway is wet.

The other crucial bit is high temps. The SFO and LAX 330s often have to offload in hot calm days too.

The 777x in all likelihood will not get off the new runway when wet at MTOW. So really if DUB are serious about getting Tokyo, Singapore or South America on the departure boards in future, it’ll be A359 or nothing.

The newer A333 shouldn't have many problems heading to SFO with cargo?

In addition to A350, the B787s and A330 NEOs should be capable of fly most route at full or almost full MTOW.

In general max MTOW isn't possible from the vast majority of airports (ultra long route) across the globe. DUB will not fail to attache n airline who wants to serve with a runway of 3.110 or 3.600.
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