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The Things You Say (when not in full control):
My brother went into hospital on Thursday to have a hernia repaired.
Immediately after the operation, he was awake but still suffering the lingering effects of the anasthaetic, and asked the nurse of it would be OK to take a stroll. The reply was "By all means. We like to see patients mobile post op as it helps avoid DVT.
So, off he toddled outside for a fag and was joined by a rather nice lady of the Cheshire set and she asked him what he was in for.
It was only when he saw the look of horror on her face that he realised what he actually replied.
Instead of saying "Hernia operation", what came out of his mouth was "I'm in for a penis reduction operation"!
Oh dear!
(Of course, as soon as he realised what he had said, he apologised to the lady and gave the correct answer.)
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