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Originally Posted by West Coast View Post
If, again if he is found guilty it will be a blemish on my beloved Marine Corps. Marines after they leave AD tend to go on and become pillars of the civilian community, not criminals.
I agree with you on this one Westy. I have had the opportunity over the years to meet a former (although I am told one is never "former.") U.S. Marine or two and they were impressive folk with a distinct bearing and underlying ethos of honour--the kind of chaps you want on your side when it starts to get tough. That is why it is surprising that Hunter went off the rails as he did.

I don't delight in anyone's downfall (well, perhaps Trump's if it were to come and through the ballot box naturally), but I latched onto this story as the Wounded Warrior aspect of what Hunter did is beyond odious. I can imagine that a goodly number of you are wishing, should these allegations prove true, that one could "step round the back of barracks for a brief chat" with this fellow.

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