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Cherchez la femme! Duncan Hunter was a Marine?

I understand. He is presumed innocent and of course it was all a left-wing frame up, but the gent is blaming his wife for all the alleged misdeeds?

Seriously? He was a United States Marine and the reputation of the Corps is esteemed the world around (even by inveterate foes of the U.S.) for its call for personal inegrity and honour.

He allegedly bought things and then charged them as Wounded Warrior expenses? For a gent that saw duty in Iraq and Afghanistan that is beyond the pale. His comrades in arms who came back grievously wounded did not remain on his mind long enough to keep him from using them as an excuse for self-enrichment? Now where is the nearest yard-arm?

I would think blaming his sad sack situation on his wife would pretty much invite the disdain of his fellow Marines to come raining down on him. What a piece of work.
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